It’s time to feel MINI Electric in Chester and Cheshire!

A huge thank you to Halliwell Jones for lending me a brand new fully electric MINI 3 door Hatch. It looks pretty smart with my WLGT branding – and it’s pretty damn quick too!

There’s no denying that I’m a massive MINI fan. I’ve had quite a few, but I’ll be honest – I’d never even considered getting an Electric MINI until my good friends at Halliwell Jones suggested I road-test one for a couple of months. I was really looking forward to collecting it last weekend – and now I’ve had the pleasure for a full week, it’s time to let you (and MINI) know what I think.

I’m no Top Gear presenter, but I’m happy to say that I love it! It’s really smart, very comfortable with heaps of sexy technology to play with (!), and it feels like a proper grown-up car with heated seats, the best sound system I’ve ever experienced – and the full leather interior makes me feel oh-so VIP!

So let’s get down to practicalities. You can plug it in at home with a 3-pin plug. Yes you heard me right, you can charge your car from the convenience of your own home. I did need to do a little bit of research as to where (and how) I can charge it while I’m out and about, but the super-helpful MINI app makes that job much easier too.

The app also tells me how much charge I have, and I can even schedule it to charge at off-peak times during the night, so you can save even more money on running costs. I can put the heaters on when its freezing outside remotely (from bed!), and I can even call Roadside Assistance if I get into any difficulty.

Bravo MINI! This is definitely a turning point for me. I love getting into this car, heating my bum on the leather seats and whacking up the Car-Play with The Best Christmas Songs Ever on Spotify.

2021 will see two major new policies for We Love Good Times Ltd. The first is Collaboration and Partnership with local companies rather than national organisations – and the second is Sustainability and the Environment. So my new found love for MINI Electric will fit in perfectly into our priority plans for next year.

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