Tudor House welcomes a specialist, life-changing business to Chester city centre

Recently, I met a fabulous lady. There are a number of amazing ladies in Chester doing amazing things – and I am so pleased that Rebecca Morgan-Brennan has taken on one of the most historic buildings in Chester city centre as she continues to grow her business Morgan’s Hair Beauty Wigs, along with her existing practices in Prestatyn and Hoole.

Rebecca literally changes people’s lives for the better – people of all ages with many different conditions and complex needs. She is an expert in the application and styling of wigs and hairpieces, for those experiencing hair loss through trauma and severe stress, through to medical conditions including alopecia and cancer.

Hair loss can be a debilitating experience leaving patients confined to their homes and in some cases with serious mental health conditions. Hair loss can affect anyone at any time, and I personally find it so reassuring to know that a local expert has the knowledge, experience and compassion to literally change people’s lives in such a major way.

Rebecca is an expert in her field and has won many awards recently including Little Princess Trust Gold Standard Award, Daily Post Business Community Award Winner and British Hair & Beauty Awards: Community Champion of the Year Winner.

Starting out life as a hairdresser – she offered to help a good friend who was suffering with cancer by sourcing a good looking wig – and realised through this process that a lot of wigs on the market are cheap, and not tailored to people’s specific needs.

Rebecca’s passion about helping her clients deal with their hair loss has resulted in bespoke solutions that people love and feel good in. She runs workshops to help chemotherapy and radiotherapy cancer patients feel and look their best, using her skills acquired over many years having been trained by leading wig and hair loss solutions specialists, including Trevor Sorbie MBE. She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding around all areas of hair loss.

And now she has brought her very special and unique service right into the heart of the city, and in to such an iconic and beautiful building of huge historic importance. Herself and her team (including husband Neil) are busy creating a private, safe and secure specialist salon where customers will be treated with so much dignity and discretion – and above all else will feel confident and ready to reclaim their lives once again with confidence.

A very warm welcome to you and your fabulous team Rebecca. I cannot wait to spend more time learning about your incredible service.

Morgan’s Hair Beauty & Wigs at Tudor House  Chester city centre opens on Monday 12th April, and you can also contact her sooner via her social media accounts and by email sales@morganswigstore.com.

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