WLGT launches a new Leisure and Workwear Range – and we’re super excited!

Here at WLGT we are super-excited to launch our brand new leisure and workwear range.

Lockdown has given us some time and headspace to create a fresh and funky new clothing range in collaboration with local biz Hashtag Threads – plus we commissioned local artists Living Vicariously Art to create a unique design for The Great Cheshire Comeback campaign, and we think they did a really great job – so a great big thank you to Ollie Cahill for that.

We are starting off with these super-cool tee-shirts and hoodies. The quality of the garments has been rigorously checked and the printing itself is also the best DTG quality – so therefore we are happy to launch this range for your workplace too.

Individual items can be ordered – as well as for your public facing retail, leisure or hospitality business with your logo, on a minimum order of 10 pieces.

Please contact me izzy@wlgt.co.uk for a work wear quote.

Individual leisure pieces will be on sale on Facebook Shop very soon.

We are currently selling;

Round neck unisex tee-shirts;
M (38/40)
L (41/43)
XL (43/45)
XXL (46/48)
3XL (49/51)
4XL (52/54)
5XL (55/58)

Ladies V necks;
S (10)
M (12)
L (14)
XL (16)

Hoodies unisex (image at the top of this feature):
M (40)
L (44)





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