WLGT Weekly Wine Tasting – a delicious Pinot Grigio from White Fox Wines

As you know by now, we really love working with our friends at White Fox Wines to bring you a light hearted weekly feature matching one of their favourite wines with a delicious dish using the best local produce. With lockdown number two hitting hard we have unfortunately missed a week, so we’re coming out all guns blazing this week with a belter of a Pinot Grigio.

You would expect our recommended wines to be big, hearty and red at this time of year and yes, many of them have been – but today Bianca has given us a bit of a curve ball with this rather gorgeous white from Friuli, Italy. It is produced by A.Vinicola Valle Di L.Valle and is a new vintage.

Pinot Grigio delle Venezie is a clean fresh wine of bright straw colour with coppery hues. Its complex aroma varies from floral notes of rose and acacia blossom, scents of apricot and citrus fruit, and hints of walnuts and spices.

Food Match: Wine for serving with rice and pasta dishes, white meat and fish. It also accompanies cured meats and egg dishes.

This got me thinking about my good foodie friend Kelvin Corry who is a local fisherman and distributor, sourcing the best fish and seafood from North Wales and the rest of the UK. Kelvin can deliver the freshest fish directly to homes in Chester and Cheshire – so you lovely lot can enjoy some fabulous seafood delivered straight to your door throughout lockdown, and at Christmas time.

One of my favourite seafood dishes of all time is Lobster Thermidor. Its very rare that I see it on a menu and the fact that we can all order lobster directly from Kelvin (which come from Scotland or Anglesey) means I may well serve this on Boxing Day, along with Bianca’s beautiful Pinot Grigio. Lobster Thermidor is so simple yet so indulgent – lobster shells are stuffed with cooked lobster in a creamy white wine sauce, topped with parmesan and grilled until golden. Delicious!

Kelvin also sources the very best oysters (they’re massive!), so serving these with shallot vinegar and salsa verde couldn’t be more simple. I may even get a little more adventurous with Oyster Rockefeller. The original recipe for oysters Rockefeller, created at the New Orleans restaurant Antoine’s in 1899, remains a secret to this day. The appetizer, oysters topped with a mixture of finely chopped greens and copious amounts of butter and then baked in their shells, was considered so rich that it had to be named after the richest man of the day, John D. Rockefeller. A few years later, no self-respecting restaurateur would be without his own version on the menu. This lighter take features spinach, watercress, green onions and grated Parmesan.

And of course I couldn’t finish this piece without including a dish with those fabulous Menai Mussels. My mum is from Belgium and she really does cook the best mussels and chips – the classic way in white wine with shallots and parsley. She can’t cook anything else mind you! 😉

So there you are. We have learnt about a fabulous Pinot Grigio available to buy online from White Fox Wines (click here to order), and we have looked at some beautiful – and very simple – seafood dishes using the freshest ingredients which you can buy from Chester based business Cheapskate (click here to message Kelvin directly).

And to finish off, here is a lovely photo of Bianca and her daughter Sofia enjoying a bottle between them. Perfecto!

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