WLGT Weekly Wine Tasting – a stunning Vegan wine from Puglia with Oysters and Sea bream

In these difficult and uncertain times, there is one thing that I still enjoy more than most others – and thats a bloody good wine and food pairing! This is our third week working with our lovely friends Bianca and Juliusz at White Fox Wines, who enjoy this little feature just as much as I do.

This week, they have chosen something very special (again!).

Piedalto Bianco – Certified Organic and Vegan wine from Puglia (the boot of Italy) made mainly of Fiano grapes.

Bianca and Juliusz have been in the wine industry for too many years to mention, and during that time they have created some very meaningful and long standing relationships with some some excellent wine makers, especially in Italy.

They met Mila Perrini, (Mila and her brother Vito are the producers) on a trip to the Organic Wine fair in Montpellier in 2018. Following some sudden life changing events, Vito and his sister Mila Perrini converted their family’s 50 hectares to organic viticulture in 1993, long before many in the area had even considered it.

This wine is produced with Fiano grapes, yellow straw colour with golden and emerald hints. On the nose scents of yellow pulp fruit, and wild flowers. On the palate it is fruity, intense, soft and harmonious.

Fiano grape wine is very versatile in that it works both with slightly acidic (e.g., tomato-based) and savory (e.g. cheese, butter) dishes. While in Italy it is commonly used with fish and shellfish, it also goes well with a classic roast chicken, pork and veal with any sauces that are not strongly citrusy. Also great served with grilled fish or seafood ravioli.

So when I took this wine to Chef Carl Noller from The Yard Chester, he got excited! Because Carl is crazy about seafood. He works closely with local fisherman Kelvin Corry who sources the best mussels, scallops and lobster – as well as fabulous oysters which Carl serves up beautifully at The Yard (if you haven’t tried them – you need to, they really are sublime, and they’re massive!).

So Carl naturally paired this beautiful vegan wine with his oysters – and also a very special dish from his repertoire from 2019, which he lovingly recreated today especially for this piece. Orata al forno con peperonata – Roast fillet of sea bream, red pepper & fennel peperonata. Absolutely beautiful.

And one of my own personal favourites is Carl’s Lobster Ravioli. Its rich, decadent, and wonderful. Not currently on his Autumn menu but watch this space … I’ll give you the nod as soon as it returns.

Find out more about White Fox Wines here – they have a lovely (covid-secure) wine warehouse in Sealand which is open to the public and they supply the restaurant industry too. If you love food and wine, pop in and have a socially distanced chat with my two favourite wine maestros, who will be only too pleased to help you with some really good wine choices.

Local, Independent, Quality. Thats the WLGT way.




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