Watergate Gallery – Introducing Creative Mindfulness Course – Morning

Join Elizabeth MacDonald for an introductory class in Creative Mindfulness

A creative course offering a supportive and kind environment for people to immerse themselves in art and craft activities that will help focus the mind whilst introducing a range of techniques that can be developed at home.
This is offered in 4 weekly modules on Monday mornings throughout July. The first module is a taster course that shows a variety of creative mindfulness exercises using different artforms. These sessions introduce sketching techniques suitable for people who have never sketched as well as practising artists. We then look at using a sketchbook and how simple creative processes such as mark making, developing a journal and collage and mixing media can help develop mindfulness.
Working as individuals and in a group, each session aims to introduce participants to a variety of creative techniques that can be developed to help focus the mind. By combining mindfulness and art, even the most distracted participants are able to focus on activities than are relaxing whilst mentally absorbing. This course is the first step of an exciting creative journey that will develop mindfulness whilst realising how art can become a fantastic tool to support wellbeing. Each week the tutor will introduce different creative mindfulness exercises that can be practised regularly.
Who are the sessions for?
Anybody. These are suitable for people who have never practised art or artists who are wanting to just take time to zone into a deeper creative state allowing themselves the freedom to let the materials and mind synchronise. Art becomes a process with no expectations and is a tool to mindfulness – we are not concerned with the creative outcome or end result but the enjoyment and fulfilment the creative process provides.
Please note we will respect social distancing guidelines at the time.
Accessibility: Please note that the venue at Watergate Street Gallery has steps down to the art room.
What people say about the sessions
“I can’t believe how relaxing this is – I turned up this evening really stressed about work and just lost myself in the art, I feel so much happier now”
“I have always been put off creating things as I am useless at art but this has opened a whole new world, I love it”
“Liz is such a kind and creative tutor and her experience is really inspiring”
The Tutor
Elizabeth Macdonald has been practising creative mindfulness for over ten years and shares her personal experience of the benefits this practice has brought to her life. Elizabeth is a full-time practising artist selling work through galleries and art fairs whilst dedicating part of her practice to help support people by running a series of Art for Wellbeing classes.
For further information about the course please email info@ejmacdonald.com
Art materials
These are supplied during each session but participants are encouraged to purchase some basic art materials in order to get the most from the course. Suggested items: 2b and 4b pencil, charcoal, a4 or a5 sketchbook, a couple of small paintbrushes, one fine, drawing or Indian ink, glue stick, scissors, colours of some sort, either pencils/crayons/pastels or felt tip pens.
Further Creative Mindfulness Courses
Having completed the Taster Course students can book onto the ongoing Creative Mindfulness Programme that explores specific art activities in more depth over four weeks. This aims to provide an opportunity for participants to gain a wider knowledge of art materials and techniques available that will support their own independent creative mindfulness and wellbeing. The follow up courses start in September 2021. We will also be offering one day workshops that will run monthly.
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5th July

... is a multi award-winning haven for wellbeing and an oasis of contemporary and classical art

It feels like The Watergate Street Gallery has been with us here in Chester for ever. This is a true family-run business in every sense – and part of the very fabric of the city.

Alan Sharp created this haven of fabulous art twenty five years ago and now it is son Alex who, for the past ten years has curated the collections which have made this local business so successful for so long. Awarded Best Independent Retailer in Chester for customer service and the coveted Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence, visitors have also had their say.

And WOW has Alex seriously mixed it up recently! There’s no two ways about it – Alex Sharp is crazy about art! His passion for the unexpected and contemporary has taken us to many unusual places, but what he has in store for us as we come out of lockdown really is nothing short of exceptional, and the work I know he has put in behind the scenes is epic.

I have always loved Alex’s left-of-centre approach. We have known each other for years and shared so many of the same passions – particularly of music – so it’s pretty easy for me to get super-excited about the wonderful things he has planned over the Spring and into the Chester Summer of Love …

‘Meet the Artist’ Exhibitions 2021

Kicking off on Saturday 26th June, ‘Never Mind the Badges’ by Tony Dennis isn’t what you’d call a conventional art exhibition. Appealing to pop-art lovers, pop-culture and music enthusiasts alike, the first event of the year celebrates past music eras in the form of Giant Pin Badges!  Vintage recreations of the Better Badges range from the years 1976 to 1984, this is an inspiring journey of nostalgia for all music lovers.

On Saturday 17th July, you can feast your eyes on ‘Urban Geisha’ by Gareth Tristan Evans, featuring rare new pieces from this emerging artist’s much sought-after Urban Geisha series,  Gareth combines digital and traditional design to create unique contemporary artwork with vintage influences; a fantastic juxtaposition of the old and the new.

Scan the QR code and head to the ‘Meet the Artist’ Exhibitions 2021 blog for the full schedule of events.

Art For Wellbeing – Courses, Workshops & Paint Nights

The last 12 months has been really hard on all of us. I speak from personal experience – so when Alex told me about his new creative workshops, courses and paint nights, I was all ears!

This program starts with a four-week course on Mondays throughout July  – ‘Introducing Creative Mindfulness’ is a creative course which offers a kind and supportive environment to immerse yourself in art and craft activities that help focus the mind, whilst introducing a range of techniques that can be developed at home.

There are many other one-day courses in the program. ‘Create your own Seascape’ is perfect for those who are inspired by the sea, and want to capture its energy and beauty in your own piece of art.

‘Show me the Monet’ takes inspiration from Claude Monet’s painting of Waterlilies. You create a canvas painting which captures movement, light and colour using acrylic paints and a variety of expressive techniques.

There are many more events like this to choose from. You can buy a ticket just for yourself, or take friends and family along depending on what restrictions may be in place at the time.

Scan the QR code and head to the ‘Art For Wellbeing’ courses blog for the full schedule of events.

And if you simply love looking at beautiful paintings, then Watergate Street Gallery will be open again on April 12th, and you’re more than welcome. With thought-provoking collections, Meet the Artist events and a full program of activity workshops, there really is something for everyone.