Burger Shed 41, Chester

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Burger Shed 41, Chester

Burger Shed 41, Chester

When we think about burgers, shakes and hot dogs, we think about American diners right? Well, erase that thought, we know a much hipper, cooler place – and it’s right here in the city!

Burger Shed 41 is a US-inspired UK take on a New York burger joint, with an industrial-meets-vintage interior. When you walk into this intimate restaurant, you get an immediate vibe of modern cool. It feels like the place to be, and you know in an instant that you are going to have a great experience.

You’ll have guessed from the name what their speciality is, but there’s so much more on offer. We love their Shed Dogs, and you’ll find quite a selection! Our favourite is the Chilli Cheese Dog which comes with chilli con carne, cheese sauce, jalapenos and crispy onions. Pure goodness! You will struggle to not order any sides here – the finger-licking wings are beyond tasty and the fries with multiple toppings are just insane.

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