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CH1 Fitness – More than just a gym

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Leap out of lockdown with a spring in your step!

CH1 Fitness Chester give us the inside track on how to be happy and healthy in 2021.

Whether you’re leaping out of lockdown, or furtively peeking out from behind your desktop, you might be considering how you want to live once you emerge from confinement.  There’s something about the promise of a new chapter that makes us re-evaluate – and now could be the perfect time not to reinvent, but to revise our lifestyles.

The importance of health has been thrust into our consciousness in a most dramatic way, yet, ironically, for many, our well-being has suffered.  Let’s not allow lockdown regret into our new chapter though, instead taking lessons that our physical fitness needs attention, mental well-being is vital to health and kindness to ourselves and others is everything.

If we’re now more conscious of treating ourselves with kindness, we might take a more considered approach to how we improve our physical health without putting our psychological wellness at risk. Let’s recognise that our mental and physical state are one, rather than separate entities – and act accordingly.

To do this, think less about how you want to look and focus instead on how you want to feel.  This intrinsic motivation means you’re more likely to stick with changes and it’s much kinder to your emotional well-being.  Too often we strive for perfection and an unrealistic version of ourselves. It’s time to thrive by feeling in tune with our authentic selves and finding joy in the healthy behaviours we adopt.

Try different activities to help find your exercise groove and give them a chance to grow on you as your confidence develops.  Consider working with a personal trainer, especially in the early stages until exercise gets firmly into your DNA. Or, since companionship is not only good for our mental health but for exercise adherence, seek out group activity, workout with an exercise buddy at your gym, or take a walk at lunchtime with a colleague.

Eating well has a positive impact not only on our physical health but our mental well-being and brain function. If you want to sustain improved dietary habits, feed yourself a good healthy dollop of common sense. Eat mindfully, choose food that is nutrient dense, and enjoy your favourite foods with balance in mind. Remember, foods are not sins, carbs are not the enemy, and you won’t find love at the bottom of a crisp packet.

Exercising and eating well are wonderful ways of being kind to your body, not punishing it for something ‘unhealthy’ you did yesterday.  We don’t need to have ‘good days’ and ‘cheat days’ but can integrate enjoyable physical activity and nutritious food into our full and fabulous lives, guilt free. The meal out with family after a game of rounders in the park, the yoga class that’s time to yourself before you meet the gang for a drink, a Sunday cycle in the great outdoors followed by a mammoth nap can all be part of a healthy, happy and harmonious life.  Have fun finding the life-enhancing things you love and do them in abundance with kindness.