Kuckoo – Chester

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Kuckoo – Chester

A bar that makes you want more, one cocktail at a time.

Kuckoo was founded back in 2010 and was originally born in Preston, they made their way over to Chester in 2013 and haven’t stopped rocking the city since!

The ethos is quite simple, they want to serve amazing kocktails and give great service while rocking to a soundtrack of everyone’s favourite tunes.

Once you step inside you will instantly know you’re going to be in for a pretty epic experience. You’ll find a sea of red, from velvet feel booth seating, to the lighting, and the walls. It feels naughty, yet opulent.  The decor really sets a tone, and you will just love embracing it.

The usual scene at this (usually) late night bar is pretty mind blowing, they really love to have a good time here and they make sure you do too. It’s not unknown to catch the staff on the bar dancing and singing along to their favourite tracks.

You will still have a fantastic experience now, although its full table a service and the dancing has been stopped, you can still soak in the best of the atmosphere and of course make your way through the cocktail list.

This bar is dangerous – in as far that you lose all track of time, which is perfectly acceptable at the weekend. Any bar that can stick a Caramac in your drink as a garnish and a crispy creme doughnut over a milk bottle full of gorgeousness has got to be right up there. And it really is.