Hanky Panky Pancakes

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Hanky Panky Pancakes

Hanky Panky Pancakes Rocks!

I have a huge fondness for this fantastic family-run independent restaurant which has been with us here in Chester for many years – and Mr and Mrs HP are two of the nicest restauranteurs in the city. After spending some time traveling around the UK and France, they came upon the idea of opening something unique in their home city of Chester, and while enjoying crepes in Northern France, the concept of Hanky Panky Pancakes was born. And who doesn’t love a bit of Hanky Panky right? The name was chosen due to its indulgent and slightly risqué conotation, and if you’ve dined at HP then you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Let’s start with those pancakes …. Oh My Life! Hanky Panky is like the Willy Wonka world of pancakes! If you can dream about it, then they probably have it on their menu. Choose from the most delicious and a-little-bit-naughty breakfast variations like Scotch-au-chocolat, The Jimmy Jammy (peanut butter with a choice of raspberry or strawberry jam), Monkey Nuts (with walnuts and homemade banana jam) and my personal favourite Home on the Range with bacon and oodles of maple syrup.

Then there are the Scotch pancakes – beyond-luxurious and super super-indulgent. Can you choose between Meringue-o-tang (with lemon curd, crushed meringue, vanilla ice cream, lemon sauce and squirty cream), Bollywood Babe (with mangoes, white chocolate sauce, pistachio ice cream and squirty cream) or Rocky Road (with chocolate chips, marshmallows, rocky road ice cream and chocolate sauce) … No? neither can I!

And have you ever heard of Panc-tails? Let me enlighten you. Think of the lightest, fluffiest Scotch pancakes with boozy extras! My favourite is Treasure Island – with banana jam, brown sugar, mascarpone, banoffee pie ice cream, caramel sauce and squirty cream served with a shot of dark spiced rum. Like nothing you have ever tasted before. Next time I’ll go for the Tira-mi-lush – you can only imagine … 😋

So now you know that Mr and Mrs Hanky Panky are really quite naughty (ooh-la-la). But did you know they also run a Spice Kitchen from HP HQ too?! This is a collection of Mrs HP’s family recipes – authentic and totally delicious with condiments created in-house using ingredients from the family garden.

I was lucky enough to be invited to review Mrs HP’s Spice Kitchen way back before lockdown number two arrived, and it was a fabulous dining experience (click here to read my five star review). If you love curry then you need to book in when they re-open. This is not like any curry house you have been to before.

I cannot wait for Hanky Panky Pancakes to reopen, but the really good news is that we can all still enjoy fabulous food and drink from one of our most treasured independent venues at home throughout this second lockdown, and with free delivery if you live within three miles of Commonhall Street, Chester.

The quality of ingredients, the creativity of the menus and the fabulous cookery makes this one of my all-time favourite venues. There are lots of vegan options too.

And did I mention what lovely people they are too? They deserve our very best support though these very challenging times. We love you Mr and Mrs HP!