Hickory’s Smokehouse Chester

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Hickory’s Smokehouse Chester

Hickory's Smokehouse Chester

You’ll find Hickory’s Smokehouse at a great location at The Groves on the banks of the River Dee. They have a fab American style interior and have recently added a walled garden for you to enjoy the views of the river.

If you know Hickory’s, then you’ll know they are fanatical about flames, silly about smokers and utterly obsessed with the smells, tastes and traditions of the Deep South. They made their first research journey over to New Orleans, Austin and Jackson back in the summer of 2009, and haven’t stopped bringing the southern hospitality inspiration back ever since.

On the menu, there’s without a doubt a heavy focus on the smokehouse. They’ve been nailing their smoker recipes for over a decade and you’ll find delicious meats like baby back ribs and Texas brisket to try. For those that want to try a bit of everything, there is an epic platter filled with all the classics, which is served with skin-on fries, house slaw, pickles & Tennessee bourbon gravy. It’s a belly buster, but it’s worth it. Other favourites are the mac ‘n’ cheese, corn dogs and the very best wings in town!

They also have the NFL channel for all the American sports fans out there, shown all day every day.



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